Our services

The team of SUBLIM TECHNO is open for cooperation and ready to provide the following services to businesses located in Uzbekistan and overseas.

  • Production of sublimated foods (fruits and berries) using customer’s materials for further usage in confectionery. Sublimated fruits and berries keep their flavor, scent, shape and color that makes them great for pastry and decoration of cakes and other confectionery goods. The comfort of using sublimated foods in confectionery is hardly overestimated – they are ready to use, always at hand, do not require additional processing. Just put them into water for some time and get fruit slices or berries that are ready to use.

Besides, sublimated berries and fruits are great for making hot and cold drinks, fruit and berry tea, smoothie, cocktails, compotes and other beverages.

  • Production of vacuum-sublimation units on a by-order basis. SUBLIM TECHNO engineers can create customized sublimation unit for your specific needs, train your personnel to use the equipment and prepare all necessary technical documents about the exploitation of the unit.