About company

SUBLIM TECHNO – is the only producer in Uzbekistan specialized in unique food processing technology – sublimation of fruits, berries and vegetables. As a result of sublimation process foods lose weight as they lose moisture contained in them, while keep their flavor and benefits. SUBLIM TECHNO uses innovative equipment, high quality technologies and selected ecologically clean food products from Uzbekistani farmers.

The company produces sublimated foods under “Good food” brand packed in colored packaging. Each pack contains 20 grams of weightless slices of fruits, vegetables, berries and melons. It takes 200 grams of a fresh product to produce 20 grams of sublimates. The weight of final product is 10 times less of that of the original product. This number varies for different fruits and vegetables from 6 to 10. For example, sublimated beet becomes 6 times lighter than fresh beet, but keeps all the nutritional value of the original product. More exactly, 95-98% of nature antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and microelements from the fresh fruits and berries are contained in every slice. No water is left in the sublimated product; it evaporates completely during the sublimation process.

SUBLIM TECHNO company was registered in 2016. Today its assortment includes several kinds of sublimated fruits and vegetables. Sublimated fruits and berries, produced by SUBLIM TECHNO do not contain artificial flavors and colorants. We offer 100% ecologically clean product.

We have great plans and limitless capabilities, as sublimation can be applied to fresh and prepared foods. Follow our updates.