Sublimates vs. Dried foods

Today sublimation is rightly seen as the perfect way to preserve foods. To take a closer look let’s compare sublimated foods and their benefits that exceed those of well-known dried foods by far.

  1. Sublimated foods require can be produced from only high quality products. There is a specified time frame between the food is harvested or prepared and sublimated that should be maintained. Products that are any old will not stand the process of sublimation.
  2. Vegetables, fruits, berries and melons keep their flavor and attractive shape.
  3. The portion of good elements in sublimated foods is higher than that of dried foods. The reason is thermal treatment, after which dried fruits lose a lot of beneficial components, while sublimation process requires prior quick freeze at -45C. This procedure leads to the formation of small crystals in the foods and does not damage food cell membranes.
  4. Sublimated foods can be kept for much longer period of time – from 2 to 5 years.
  5. In sublimated foods the taste and nutritional value of the fresh foods remain for a long time even in rough conditions and temperature difference (from -50C to +50C)