Nutritionists about sublimates

Sublimated vegetables, fruits and berries can be easily digested by your body and give you long-lasting feeling of ...

Space kitchen

Astronauts usually have 4 meals and consume 3200 calories per day! What do they feed them, given long duration of space ...

Sublimates vs. Dried foods

Today sublimation is rightly seen as the perfect way to preserve foods. To take a closer look let’s compare sublimated ...

About company

SUBLIM TECHNO – is the only producer in Uzbekistan specialized in unique food processing technology – sublimation of fruits, berries and vegetables. As a result of sublimation process foods lose weight as they lose moisture contained in them, while keep their flavor and benefits. SUBLIM TECHNO uses innovative equipment, high quality technologies and selected ecologically clean food products from Uzbekistani farmers.

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